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Starting your New Year with a blank page…

I came across this really cool quote by Brad Paisley on Facebook yesterday.  It was designed especially for today, New Years Day 2015.  It said, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.”  How perfect is that?  Well, it’s really cool if it you love to write, like I do, of course.  But even if you don’t particularly care for writing you still have a blank book to fill full of endless possibilities from your very own journey that you will start today.  There are some things we can probably all take away from this.

First, remember it’s a BLANK page.  Blank, as in NOTHING.  That means that YOU have to start it yourself people.  Don’t expect somebody else to come along and start completing your pages for you.  They have their own book to write hopefully.  One thing I’m going to try to make myself do is really think before I start working on a new page every day.  What’s most important?  What can wait?  What is something nice I can do for at least one person today?  You get the point.  I bet by the end  of the day your page is full and you will feel great about the things you’ve accomplished.

Second, even though you have to start the pages yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with inviting someone else to help color your pages with you!  Imagine what your days (and your pages) would be like without any colorful rainbows and smiles and hearts?  These are the things we love that truly keep us going.  Imagine that gorgeous sunset you share with your child or the really stunning bouquet of flowers your best friend colored in “just because you matter”.   Days without people we love don’t have lots of color.

Third, realize that there will be some days when there is a lot of black or gray on the page.  It just can’t be helped.  Everybody has those days when nothing seems to go right and no matter how hard you shake that red pen it just will not work, so you are forced to write your daily page with just a plain black pen or gray pencil.  But don’t despair.  The Bible is written in black and white and just look at all the amazing and wonderful things those pages can do.  Pull your Bible out.  Read those pages instead.  I bet you’ll even start to see that there is some red in there, too.  And those are some of the greatest red words you’ll ever read.  In fact, I bet if you were to pull out that red pen and give it another little shake so that you can copy down the words written in red in your Bible, you will find that it will work just fine.

Finally, don’t leave out any of your pages.  This is really important.  There are only 365 pages in the book for a reason.  Make them count and use them wisely.  See, the thing about these books is that they can be as private or as public as you want them to be.  Use discretion with that.  But for the public parts, let your light shine.  Let others see that your book is a true work of art, a thing of beauty to be admired and an example for others to go by. Sooner than we realize, our “books” become full and we accumulate quite a lot of them if the Good Lord allows and they are our lasting legacy.  What section do you want your books filed under?  Personally, I’m going to shoot for the bestseller list!